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The Daniel Plan

Tuesdays 6:30 - 7:30 pm
January 10th - February 14th

$25 includes 
Daniel Plan book
Daniel Plan Workbook
Daniel Plan Jumpstart Guide

One Community Church
57 W. Elm Street
   Monroe, OH 45050

What is the Daniel Plan?

The Daniel Plan is a healthy lifestyle program framed around abundance, not deprivation.  You will enjoy eating delicious whole foods; food grown on a plant, not man-made products created in a plant. Start by bringing in the good, and with every healthy choice, you will begin to feel better.  Focus on all the amazing food you can enjoy.  

How The Daniel Plan works

This Program Overview takes you through the “5 Essentials” of the Daniel Plan:

  1. FAITH: Being rooted and grounded in God’s love.

  2. FOOD: Learning to love foods that love you back.

  3. FITNESS: Discovering movement you enjoy.

  4. FRIENDS: Building a small community of supportive relationships.

  5. FOCUS: Being transformed by the renewing of your mind.

The Daniel Plan is far more than a diet plan. It is an appetizing approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle by optimizing the five key essentials of faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.  Unlike the thousands of other books on the market, this book is not about a new diet, guilt-driven gym sessions, or shame-driven fasts. Your path to holistic health begins here, as Pastor Rick Warren and fitness and medical experts Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman guide you to incorporate healthy choices into your current lifestyle. 

The concepts in this book will encourage you to deepen your relationship with God and develop a community of supportive friends who will encourage you to make smart food and fitness choices each and every day. This results in gradual changes that transform your life as they help you:

  • Conquer your worst cravings

  • Find healthy replacement foods for the foods you love

  • Discover exercise you enjoy

  • Boost your energy and kick-start your metabolism

  • Lose weight

  • Think more clearly

  • Explore biblical principles for health

  • . . . and ultimately create an all-around healthy lifestyle


It's time to feast on something bigger than a fad. Start your journey to impactful, long-lasting, and sustainable results today!





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